Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS Update That Brings The eShop Is Out Now

The Nintendo 3DS Update is now online. you can download this update by heading to system settings, other settings, page 4, And System update. this update is downloaded and installed in one go. the update brings an internet browser to the 3DS as well as the eShop. small changes can be found all over the place.

The eShop is being hit hard so don't worry if you can connect straight away. the Music is jolly and simple, like the WiiWare and DSiWare stores. when you log in your created with Pokédex 3D. scroll to the left and you find menus, scroll to the right and you find things to buy/watch. i've downloaded Pokédex 3D and Excite Bike (3D Classic) as both are free. downloading is fairly quick but the downloading animation is fairly boring. from the eShop, and the DSiWare Highlights section, you can download DSiWare games. All the videos in the store are streamed to your 3DS and are not downloadable.

The Internet Browser is fairly simple to use. after choosing your search engine, you'll find the bottom screen has the information. you can search the internet, type in a URL, change the settings, check bookmarks, and add a page to bookmarks. the browsing experience is not limited to the bottom screen as pages scroll up into the top screen. the other buttons are magnify, refresh, back/forward, and menu (which brings up the menu mentioned previously. the browser doesn't appear to support HTML 5 or Flash. simple sites are quick to load, but as soon as anything complicated is loaded it can take a while.

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