Saturday, June 18, 2011

Guerrilla Games Announce Killzone 3 DLC Pack From The Ashes Comes Out From 22nd June

Guerrilla Games have announced the next DLC pack for Killzone 3, From The Ashes, comes out on the PSN For €4.99\£3.99 from 22nd June. this pack will come with 4 maps, two Guerrilla Warfare maps and two Warzone maps. the first video is from the Lente Missile Base and is a 24 player Warzone map.

The Second video is a Guerrilla Warfare map for 16 players. the map is based on the Mobile Factory from the Killzone 3 game.

Guerrilla Games have also announced the Killzone 3 DLC Bundle Pack. this pack will come with the Retro Pack, the Steel Rain Pack and the From The Ashes Pack, which is a total of 8 maps, for €9.99\£7.99. this bundle also comes out on 22nd June.

Source: EU Playstation Blog

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