Tuesday, August 10, 2010

United Front Games Announce ModNation Racers Patch 1.03 Is Coming Today

United Front Games have announced that Patch 1.03 is coming out today for ModNation Racers. this patch aims to fix the XP Races and XP Series issues that came about from patch 1.02.

United Front have also released some background information for ModNation Racers. Patch 1.02 added and fixed many things in the game, but one of the more argued things was load times. i have reported on a few sites saying contradictory things on how much load times improved with the patch. Their main focus was on reducing the load times in Career Races and Online Races, as well as reducing loading times around Career Central. but United Front Games point out that there are reasons why the game has fairly large load times and its mainly due to the amount of data each track and kart use and we may not see further improvement to load times because of it.

From USA Playstation Blog

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