Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sega Announce The Guardian Advanced Content Pack For Phantasy Star Universe Is Out Now And The Ambition of the Illuminus Is Now Free

Sega have announced that the long awaited Guardian Advanced Content Pack for The Xbox 360 version of Phantasy Star Universe is out now. this pack was previously known as the Supplemental update, when it was released in Japan. In Celebration of this releases, Sega have announced that the Ambition of the Illuminus pack has now been reduced in price to Free, and it will forever be free.

The Guardian Advanced Content Pack brings more customisation options to the game as well as upgrades to abilities and classes. an example of this can be seen with the Techer class; it has been given some boosts to make it more versatile and useful in both Solo and Group Play. This pack also adds AEXP, Advanced Experience Points, a type of experience that all players can gain and use at the games level cap to customise abilities. An example would be adding damage modifiers to weapons or defensive modifiers. New Group missions, with the tag /R, have been added and they are designed for groups.


From Sega's USA Blog

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