Thursday, July 22, 2010

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Have Released New Lego Universe Videos And Screenshots

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released 3 new Videos for Lego Universe as well as new screenshots for the game and artwork for the Darkling Samurai Character. The Factions trailer details the games 4 main factions, their differences and what special abilities they bring to your character. the video also details some back story for the game as well as the enemies in the video. The Pet taming video details how to get pets in the game and how important they are to you exploring the world. The L.U.P video shows how the Lego community have been involved in the game, showing how they've added to the game as well as providing back story to how they got involved.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have also released new screenshots for Lego Universe. the first lot of screenshots show how you can customise what your Lego creations do in the game, the examples shown are cannons and helicopters. The other screenshots show battles and exploring. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have also released the artwork for the Darkling Samurai. this artwork shows how the pencil drawings of the character evolved into the game as well as how to defeat it.

Factions Trailer

Pet Taming

Behind The Scenes With L.U.P.


Darkling Samurai Art

Press Release

An epic battle between creativity and chaos is brewing in LEGO Universe. Darklings are on the attack, and the Nexus Force is calling on all brave Minifigures to defend against the Maelstrom before it snuffs out the heart of LEGO Universe – Imagination.

In hopes of recruiting new members at Comic-Con, Nexus Force leaders - the founding explorers of LEGO Universe - have released new images straight from the battlefield. New screenshots show the Nexus Force in action, taking on negative Maelstrom forces and putting creativity to work, from Gnarled Forest and Forbidden Valley to Pet Cove, personal properties and beyond. Nexus Force members are also busy building some truly impressive creations to help restore Imagination levels.

Two new videos have also emerged from LEGO Universe this week. The first gives an inside look at Pet Cove, and the second new video introduces the four Factions that compose the Nexus Force alliance: Assembly, Sentinels, Paradox and Venture League. Each Faction embodies a different spirit of play – something for everyone – imaginative builders, chivalrous warriors, cunning ninjas and adventurous explorers. All four Factions are dedicated to protecting imagination and eliminating the Maelstrom. They desperately need your help to battle darkness when LEGO Universe launches this October.

Additionally, a third new video tells the tale of the LEGO Universe Partners (LUP) program – a group of mega LEGO fans who are working alongside professional developers to build the game. In the video, Steve Barker, an inspiring brick designer and lead LUP, takes you behind the scene. Steve is also on the LEGO Universe panel at Comic-Con this Sunday.

LEGO Universe is on display this week at San Diego Comic-Con, from July 22 – 25. Attendees can stop by the LEGO booth (#2829) to take advantage of live game demos, booth giveaways, art signings, and special pre-order bonus gifts. The creative minds behind LEGO Universe will give an on-stage presentation on Sunday, July 25th at 11:30am (room 5AB), offering a behind-the-scenes look at the process of bringing LEGO worlds to life through storytelling, innovative building and fan collaboration.

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