Sunday, June 13, 2010

E3 2010 Predictions

Here are my Predictions for announcements at this years E3. Some of them are pretty out there, whilst others i personally feel should come or expect to be announced. feel free to discuss and comment on them in the comments. i do not have any insider information, this is all from me and just rumour for now.

  • PSP 4000 will be announced. PSPgo style but with UMD. Could be called PSP HDD.
  • PS1 Collections, Like Final Fantasy VII,VIII,IX, available on PSN for discount
  • New Firmware Update will remove location free
  • New Comic App update
  • Expanded PSN Features in games, like a friends list
  • PS2 games for sale via the PSN
  • More PSN collections, Like The ICO Collection, Grand Theft Auto Collection, Metal Gear Collection.
  • RSS Feeds added for Podcasts and Video Podcasts
  • The PlayStation Move is well recieved
  • Playstation Move will come out before Natal
  • A Slimmer PS3 Slim Model is introduced at a lower price, or current model gets price cut
  • PlayStation Move priced around £60/$60
  • More Steaming TV in Europe, like ITV and Demand 5 in UK.
  • A Surprise Game sequel Announcement
  • Greater Facebook integration, perhaps introduction of Twitter
  • PS3 trophy information API available for websites
  • Final Fantasy VS XIII Stays a PS3 Exclusive
  • PSN +
  • cross game voice chat free for all
  • New 3rd and 1st Party Game Franchises
  • New Firmware Update
  • Final Price drop
  • re-release of big sellers, perhaps in series bundles, God Of War I+II, Final Fantasy X+X2,
  • European EyeToy Bundle for current PS2 price
  • Project Fails To Impress 
  • Natal comes out at retail after Move
  • Xbox 360 Slim revealed
  • Hulu added
  • Facebook App updated
  • youtube App, with video uploading, added
  • new NXE
  • 2 new 1st party game franchises announced, both spanning this and next console
  • Natal priced at $110/£110
  • A Sports/TV re-run channel, like NASCAR that lets you subscribe to a season and watch it your way
  • Xbox Live Platinum membership
  • in-game last FM
  • price reduction on Xbox 360 peripherals, peripherals for Xbox 360 slim priced high
  • Major push of new games from 3rd party devs
  • major focus at the show on games and natal
  • 360 Slim replaces arcade unit when its released, elite replaced by end of year
  • Youtube Channel
  • New Channels
  • Demos return and stay
  • return of Donkey Kong, Starfox, Pikmin, Zelda
  • New Game franchise announced
  • vitality sensor fails to impress
  • Vitality Sensor revealed as integral to well known franchise
  • new Pokèmon game announced
  • Firmware update
  • big game push, many new titles announced
  • cheap “hits range promoted”
  • DS range scrapped, Dsi and Dsi LL price drops
  • Dsi firmware update
  • twitter added to Dsi and Dsi LL
  • some upcoming DS games will have 3DS features, Pokèmon Black And White battles will be 3d
  • large 3DS line-up, plenty of trailers shown, a few games announced for launch, they'll come out over a 3 month period
  • Nintendo Live/Network announced for 3DS, means current DsiWare games will be transferred to 3DS, and slowly expanded upon

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