Sunday, June 13, 2010

DrinkBox And Sony Announce Tales From Space: About a Blob is Coming To The PSN This Year

Sony have announced that Tales From Space: About a Blob is coming to the PS3 via the PSN this year. the game is being developed by DrinkBox Studios, a new studio that formed after Pseudo Interactive closed, and its their first game. DrinkBox have played some bit roles in the development from other studios, including the upcoming Might and Magic: Clash Of Heroes.

Tales From Space: About a Blob is a side scrolling puzzle platformer that has a monster movie theme and a retro art style. The story of the game is that Blobs crashed landed on earth. they were found by an evil scientist who captured and studied them. but, the blobs escaped. The blobs have the ability to absorb and grow after eating things in the environment, which plays a big part in the games puzzles. the game can be played in both single player and co-op.

DrinkBox do not confirm if the game is a Playstation 3 exclusive, but it would appear that it is going to come out first on the PS3, and then afterwards if could come to other platforms.


From USA Playstation Blog

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