Sunday, January 10, 2010

Android Game Of The Week - Action Potato

Action Potato
Developed By Sunflat
Version: 1.0
Size: 259KB

The Good
Simple Gameplay

The Average

The Bad
No Music
Sound Effects

Action Potato is a simple game that came out fairly recently on the Android Market. the game has a small file size which is due to the simple sound effects, simple graphics, and lack of game music, but it is this simplicity that makes the game fun. The artwork for the game is simple but it does have a kiddy look to it. The bins have eyes, mouths, and rosy cheeks which provide the game with a little extra charm. The game only comes with 1 game mode.

The one game mode could be described as a endless mode. You play until you loose. The aim of the game is to eat potatoes and avoid the blue ones. There are 3 bin looking things which bounce up when you hit them. Each one jumps at a different height and each will give you a different amount of points when you catch a potato. The potatoes come across the screen at different heights and land at different points across the screen. All you have to do is hit a bin that'll catch a particular potato when it comes across the screen.

The difficulty comes in slowly. At first the potatoes come across the screen slowly. But the speed gradually increases. As they get faster, it becomes possible to catch more than one potato with a bin. Blue, rotten, potatoes are also introduced. Again they come across the screen slowly, but they increase in speed and frequency and can on occasion out number the normal potatoes. Everytime a blue potato is caught by a bin, that bin gets removed from the screen. The game ends when you have no bins left. There are heart powerups which, if caught, can bring back a bin but these are rare and are mixed with the potatoes and blue potatoes.

The Game Controls are simple. You tap on a bin to make it jump and that's it. The menu button is a pause button and that's all the controls in the game. The bins are very responsive but some people may find them a bit floaty when the game gets more difficult. But this is part of the challenge, managing the bins whilst avoiding the blue potatoes.

Only having one game mode could be limiting but it makes this game the perfect mobile game. The games difficulty gradually increases, proving a reason to try and get better at the game. You can submit your score, via the internet, and see where you stand globally which can provide additional incentive to go back and try again. This is a fun game that players can go back to over and over again.

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