Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sega's Sands Of Destruction, Nintendo DS Game, Trailer And Character Bios

Sega has released a trailer, character artwork, and character Bio for thier upcoming Nintendo DS game Sands Of Destruction

Kyrie Illunis – Male – 17 - 5'10"
The protagonist of this story. Gentle and sometimes shy, Kyrie is genuine and honest with anyone and will always keep his promises no matter what lies in his path. He has never seen the world outside of his town of Barni.

Morte Asherah – Female – 16 - 5'6"
Morte is a tomboy and a half. Always cheerful and up beat, she believes that life should be about having fun. She isn't the romantic type, but once she realizes her own feelings she will run head-on towards her love. Childhood friends with Agan.

Agan Mardrus – Male – 18 – 5'11"
Agan is a childhood friend of Morte's and is somehow whisked into traveling with her and Kyrie. Although he is kind and good-natured at heart, he hides behind a sometimes cynical demeanor to prevent from revealing too much of his real self.

Taupy Toplan – Male – Unkown - 2'8"
Taupy always gets the job done, and is the best of his trade at treasure hunting. The gritty and hard-boiled little bear is the toughest of the team, joining Kyrie's group instinctively - knowing it is the right choice for him. Teaches the pure-hearted and naïve Kyrie the importance of making his own choices.

Rhi'a Dragunel – Female – 300 - 5'3"
As the last scion of the Dragon race, Rhi'a may look 15 but has actually lived for 300 years. Despite her girlish and bubbly features, her comments can be full of wisdom from her long life experiences. However, she tends to keep her comments short, which leads her to seem a little mysterious.

Naja Gref – Male – 17 - 6'1"
Naja is very much an intellectual and is committed to his ideal of "saving the world." Sometimes obstinate, he tends to believe that his ideas are always correct. With a human mother and a feral father, he has grown under unfortunate prejudice from both the humans and the ferals.

Sands Of Destruction Character Art

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