Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog Re-Cap of The Weekends News (oldest to newest) http://ow.ly/15JF94

  • Nintendo Wii Miis will play in Guitar Hero 5, Like Xbox 360 Avatars Will. Playstation 3 Home Avatars will not. http://ow.ly/iT3w

  • PSP: Phantasy Star Portable is getting a budget price re-release. it will come with 3 episode story. http://ow.ly/iT4z

  • PSP: Phantasy Star Portable 2 is rumoured to be coming out this winter. http://ow.ly/iT4V

  • Wii: Guitar Hero 5 Will Not use Friend Codes. it will use your Wii Address book instead. http://ow.ly/iT56

  • DSi: New Pokemon Gold/Silver footage shows Kanto Region, after you defeat elite 4, accessible by S.S Aqua. http://ow.ly/iT5r

  • Joystiq has 4 in game videos of music from The Beatles Rock Band. http://ow.ly/iT6v

  • IBM East Friskhill workers were told there is more work coming from Sony and Nintendo, and others. IBM Makes Wii CPU's. http://ow.ly/iT6O

  • RT @majornelson: R-Type is this weeks Deal of the Week for 800 points. http://tr.im/vaMg

  • A Game based on the movie Heat, announced back in 2006, has indefinably been put on hold. others can get the license tho. http://ow.ly/iTt4

  • QTE Blog G.I. JOE Will Come With Xbox 360 Gamer Pic's, Themes And Playstation 3 Themes http://ow.ly/15JFQQ

  • QTE Blog EA Announces The First Sims 3 Expansion As Sims 3 World Adventures http://ow.ly/15JFQR

  • Bethesda has confirmed that Mothership Zeta is the last piece of Fallout 3 DLC. http://ow.ly/iUhl

  • The 4 The Beatles RockBand videos have been taken down now. they violated Viacom copyright. http://ow.ly/iUpG

  • PSP: pictures and a trailer have been released for the upcoming R-Types Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate. http://ow.ly/iUvh

  • http://ow.ly/iUDn http://ow.ly/iUDs have comparison pictures of Final Fantasy XIII showing how the graphics have improved/developed.

  • QTE Blog Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilizied Announced For Nintendo DS http://ow.ly/15JGxn

  • UK Games Chart. Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, Harry Potter, Fight Night Round 4, are top 5. http://ow.ly/iUSI

  • PS3: A Demo from GDC 2001 has revealed Eyetoy prototypes which include a virtual pet simulation, using sticks and balls http://ow.ly/iV3i

  • Wii: Monster Hunter 3 Tri is coming out in Europe And North America in early 2010. the game is out now in Japan. http://ow.ly/iV6b

  • A Batman Arkham Asylum demo is coming out on PC, PS3 and 360 on Friday. http://ow.ly/iVj2

  • QTE Blog Facebook Coming to Nintendo DSi's From 5PM, Pacific, As A System Update http://ow.ly/15JGRe

  • PS3: Vidzone has another video exclusive. thios time it's the Prodigy and thier new song Take Me To The Hospital. http://ow.ly/iVBy

  • PS3: a patent has been found which shows how the PS3 can emulate the PS2 Graphics Synthesizer, needed for PS2 emulation http://ow.ly/iW67

  • QTE Blog Ghostfire Games Announce Rage Of The Gladiator Announced For Nintendo WiiWare http://ow.ly/15JHdQ

  • QTE Blog Hudson Announce A USA Deca Sports Price Drop http://ow.ly/15JHUm

  • QTE Blog Tornado Outbreak, For Nintendo Wii, Artwork http://ow.ly/15JHUn

  • PS3:WipEout Fury bought Ads to the game. they're being accused for slowing down the game as adds must play before the race http://ow.ly/iXpd

  • Midway's This Is Vegas looks cancelled after GameStop have informed pre-orderer's that the game isn't coming. http://ow.ly/iXqo

  • Warner Bros. say that This Is Vegas is not cancelled and is still in production. http://ow.ly/iXEv

  • Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce is coming to the 360/PS3 and is being revamped from the PSP original,out in Japan October 1st http://ow.ly/iXSJ

  • Assassins Creed II Killer edition has game, art book, statue of Ezio, and exclusive in game maps. http://ow.ly/iY8c

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