Monday, August 1, 2011

Sony Announce USA And Japan PS1 Games Are Coming To EU PSN Stores

Sony have announced USA and Japanese PS1 games are coming to EU PSN Stores as PS1 Classics. but, these games will either have an English or Japanese language on them and all the games will run at 60Hz and gamers will need a 60Hz TV to play them. Sony have said some games are already being readied for release but haven't said which ones they are. an example of a game that could be released, which was highlighted in the Blogs comments, was Parasite Eve. that game got a USA release but hasn't been released in the EU.

Sony say this now means that some games which didn't pass Q/A for a EU Release could be released if their USA/Japanese versions are out. there are of course limitations and Sony have made it clear that games which are not legally cleared for release in EU territories will not be released.

Source: EU Playstation Blog

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