Wednesday, March 16, 2011

THQ Announce Fantastic Pets For Xbox 360 Kinect

THQ Have announced Fantastic Pets, an upcoming Xbox 360 Kinect game coming out on 12th April in the USA. Fantastic pets lets you choose a pet, customise them, and them play with them either in their world or in your own frontroom. The game comes with 12 mini-games and supports Kinect voice commands. you can be on screen with multiple pets and people.

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Press Release

Create, customize, collect and interact with unlimited varieties of
your very own dream pet! Watch your pets react to your real
world gestures and voice commands, via advanced augmented
reality technology featured in the game. Interact with your pets
in free-form play, teach them tricks and play classic games such
as fetch, bubble dodge, piñata smash, and more!

It’s a Pet Party – Multiplayer Game Play • Be on-screen with multiple pets as you share the experience with friends and family. • Simple to play – if you have a pet or want a pet, you will love this game!
12 Classic Mini-Games • Games to play with your pets include: fetch, pet wash, piñata smash, bubble dodge, and more! • Develop nurturing and playful relationships with your pets as you groom, nurture and teach them tricks
Voice Commands • Talk to your pets and teach them tricks • All pets have unique personalities, life-like reactions and behaviors
Fully Interactive • Real world environments, avatars, tutorials, unlockables, trophies, awards and
daily events, all set in a lunch 3-D world • A fun game to share with friends and family!

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