Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Wednesday 2nd March

  • QTE Blog: The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Tuesday 1st March
  • QTE Blog: Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Tuesday 1st March
  • 3DS: The first update came out in Japan, Bug fixes, improved Network connection, and included 3D Music Video
  • PS3: Kazunori Yamauchi reveals they are working on a patch that will allow gamers to save during a race in Gran Turismo 5
  • 3DS: Sega decline to comment on rumours a Sonic game is coming to the 3DS in celebration of its 20th anniversary
  • ngmoco CEO Neil Young says PSP "is done" calls the PSP2 "dead on arrival", and the Nintendo 3DS's 3D is "gimmicky"
  • PS3: its reported Sony could use a loophole in LG's injunction to continue shipments of the PS3 by avoiding Holland
  • PS3: Guerrilla say its unlikely that DLC is coming to Killzone 3 for Operations Mode
  • QTE Blog: This Weeks UK PSP Digital Comic Store Update
  • Sony have launched a new website for a new Oreshika, a PS1 RPG only released in Japan
  • Warner Bros. Interactive Australia are appealing the Refused Classification from the Australian Classification Board
  • QTE Blog: Zoo Entertainment Have Released A New Trailer For Firebusrt
  • QTE Blog: Paradox Interactive Unveil Magicka: Vietnam, The First Expansion For Magicka
  • Engadget are live blogging from the Apple Event Now! The iPad 2 is expected to be announced
  • QTE Blog: Zero Punctuation - Two Worlds II
  • QTE Blog: Sucker Punch Announce Gamers Can Create Their Own Missions In inFamous 2
  • iPad2: Apple unveil the iPad 2. A5 CPU is 2x as fast, graphics up to 9x better. 10 hour battery, HDMI out, speaker + more
  • Apple announce iOS update 4.3. coming 11th March, brings iTunes Home sharing, updated Airplay, it'll be free + more
  • 3DS: GAME say the UK should get enough 3DS Stock when it comes out, there's estimates it'll be 185,000 units
  • PSP2: 1UP have a round up of developer comments regarding their thoughts on PSP2 Price, most hoping for low ¥25,000
  • Sony announce "Spring Fever 2011". from 8th March, PS3 and PSP games will be discounted on the PSN
  • QTE Blog: DICE Have Released A Gameplay Video For Battlefield 3 Titled "Faultline"
  • QTE Blog: Capcom Have Released Screenshots For Marvel Vs Capcom 3 DLC, The Shadow Mode And Costume Pack
  • QTE Blog: Namco Bandai Have Released 2 New Naruto Gameplay Videos For Naruto Shipuden Kizuna Drive
  • QTE Blog: Sony Announce Move.Me, Software That Can Be Used To Create New Types Of Applications For The Playstation Move
  • iPhone: Epic have released a free update for Infinity Blade. The Deathless King brings New Game Plus, new Dungeon + more
  • Yu Suzuki, creator of Shenmue, says he thinks Sega would let him make Shenmue 3, but expects budget to be a issue
  • Arrowhead Game Studios say they're working on Bringing Magicka to consoles, but ultimately its up to Sony and Microsoft

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