Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guerrilla Games Detail Killzone 3 Patch 1.04

Guerrilla Games have announced a new Killzone Patch is coming next week. patch 1.04 brings new bug fixes as well as some changes and new functionality. as well as the patch, Guerrilla Games say "we are performing regular and significant Server updates to help with connection issues such as the -9 Error (fix deployed Thursday 3rd of March) as well as improving performance and lag."


* Network - Lag fixes and fixes for network errors 10002, 8001 and 8013
* Gameplay - Players now have more stamina by default. Sprint length is increased but the recharge timer has been adjusted to compensate
* Gameplay - Mortally wounded players no longer have collision. Alive players should now be able to traverse the levels without getting stuck on mortally wounded players
* Gameplay - Medic's revive cool-down reduced from 25 to 10 seconds
* Gameplay - Increased range from where friendly players can be revived - player can be revived from 20 meters now
* Gameplay - Guerrilla Warfare games now last 15 minutes and it takes 100 kills instead of 50 to win
* Performance – Improvements to party creation server load
* Menu - Show envelope icon to indicate that player has received message
* Menu - Rewards panel in post game screen now auto-scrolls
* Menu - Botzone is now paused when player goes to start menu
* Menu - Single click squad invite
* Menu - Enhanced idle detection code in menu, the player isn’t spawned if he’s still pressing buttons
* Security - Several security, anti hack and cheat fixes


* Stability – Fix for an occasional crash bug when in the Credits screen and transitioning straight into Multiplayer via a Invite
* Stability – Fix for potential hang when players migrate between maps
* Gameplay - Player can retain crouched collision after deploying jetpack
* Gameplay - The Assassination Executioner medals only count Deadly Assassin kills, not Executioner kills
* Gameplay - Cloak kills with weapons that break cloak now count towards medal for Cloak levels 1 and 2.
* Gameplay - Global - Medic’s Triage droids now disappear when player quits out of game
* Gameplay - Cloak/Disguise cannot be removed manually by accident anymore
* Gameplay – Fix for rumble in Exo being over-powered and out of sync
* Gameplay – Fix for Silent Footsteps remaining active after choosing other skill and removed from the personal stats menu
* Exploit - Akmir Snowdrift - Player can reach the boat by using an ammo box to exit the intended boundaries
* Functionality – Disc eject now handled more gracefully
* Trophies - DLC 1 ‘Little Big Weapons’ Trophy does now counts rocket launcher and StA2
* Clan functionality – Fix for player quitting and re-joining a tournament, they may re-enter a tournament alone.
* Menu - Find game – Operations - Mode description - Spelling issue fixed
* Menu - Friends: Fix for Clan tags being displayed for a max of nine players despite the number of player that are in the clan
* Menu – Fix for incorrect message given when attempting to join a Clan Game that an online friend is taking place in
* Menu - Spawn-screen – Fix for when the extra Primary Weapon skill is equipped, the weapon description goes out of sync
* Menu - Accolades do now show subsequently
* Menu - When receiving a squad invite from a player in another match, there is now a warning that the player will leave his current game.
* Menu - Scramble detailed range and in-game range now match properly
* Menu - The Spot and Mark description in the unlock menu is now correct
* Menu – Fix for when the player presses the SQUARE button when a player that is in their game is highlighted in the squad lobby menu they receive the message ‘You cannot join a play that is not in a game.’
* Menu - Turn off animations for the squad list to avoid it becoming unreadable every time a rebuild occurs when voice chat is activated
* Menu – Fix for when trying to join a friend without the required DLC pack, the message will tell the player they are part of a squad.
* Menu – Fix for the message informing the player they are attempting to join a DLC game without the required DLC content installed reading better
* Menu - Increased Accuracy & Faster Reload Ribbons now update in the personal statistics screen.


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