Thursday, August 12, 2010

Team 17 Have Released A New Worms Reloaded Trailer And Announce Its Available For Pre-Order On Steam

Team 17 have released a new trailer for Worms Reloaded and revealed that the game is available for pre-order from Steam. the new trailer highlights some of the new weapons in the game, showing what they are and what damage they can do, as well as showing that old favourites, like the Holy Grenade, are still in the game. the trailer also shows that certain weapon effects can be combined for defence and attack.

Worms Reloaded can now be pre-ordered from Steam with 10% off for £16.19 in the UK, with the game going live on 26th August. those who pre-purchase the game will get to play it 24 hours before anyone else as well as getting exclusive hats for the worms to wear and fort in-game items.

Press Release

From humble beginnings, the original WormsTM titles took PC gaming to new levels of popularity and mass appeal. Selling in excess of 25 million copies over its 15 year lifespan, WormsTM has taken its wholly unique brand of addictive gameplay, hilarious humour and wild weaponry across almost every console possible. Team17 are proud to present the first in a number of trailers that show off Worms Reloaded, their triumphant 2D return to the PC; the first in nearly 10 years.

This video focuses on the incredible new weapons, tactics and features available to the avid WormsTMplayer, with nods to old favourites that can still be found in Worms Reloaded, the definitive PC Worming experience!

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WormsTM fans can pre-order WormsTM Reloaded via Steam now, with bonuses including a 10% discount, 24 hours early access to the game and exclusive in-game items to enhance your chosen team. To pre-order WormsTM Reloaded, go to

More information on WormsTM Reloaded can be found at and

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