Friday, August 20, 2010

Sony Detail PlayTV Live Chat And Upcoming Updates

Sony have detailed many of the updates coming to Play TV. one of the big updates is Live Chat, this feature lets you chat with friends and other PSN Users whilst watching TV, as shown in the screenshot below.

Other features coming to PlayTV is series link, although this will only be available in the UK. you will also be able to send recommendations of your favourite shows to your facebook account or to any of your PSN friends. those with Play TV who get the recommendation via the PSN can click the recommendation and set it to record. another new feature will be the Community Favourites. this lets you see what your friends and other PSN users are watching, but it won't be available in Australia.

Sony have also announced that the Program guide is being updated to shows the next 7 days worth of programs. plenty more information will also be available on the programs which means you will be able to search for a genre, actor, director and more.

From EU Playstation Blog

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