Friday, July 16, 2010

Black Bean Have Released New Screenshots And A Behind The Scenes Video For WRC

Black Bean have released new screenshots and a Behind The Scenes video for WRC. The first couple of screenshots are from in-game action, revealing how the games HUD looks. the HUD is fairly Minimal, with speed and car condition on the bottom right, current lap time top right, you position in the track on the left, and the upcoming direction changes above the car in the middle. The rest of the screenshots are in-game but they don't have a HUD. they do show 3 types of circuits, snow, desert, and a muddy town, and how each of the different environments effects the look of the car with stuff like mud.

The behind the scenes Video has many developers, who are working on the game, talking about what they have been doing to make the game as good and authentic as they could, whilst also trying to explain how they've had to improve on their own technology as this game is very different from anything they've worked on before. the video is split into sections, with developers talking about their area of work. it starts of with the games lead designer, then its the physics lead designer, he's followed by the games director, the art director, and the games track artist. some in-game gameplay is shown during the video, but they also show video from tools the teams use to measure physics, to build tracks, and more. its a very indepth and honest look into how they are making WRC.


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