Monday, March 1, 2010

A Bug Has Hit Original "Fat" Playstation 3's WorldWide

Original "Fat", Pre Slim Models, Playstation 3 Consoles around the world have reportedly been hit by a bug. initially, it was suspected that the PSN was down and the focus was on fixing this. However, a wider issue soon became apparent. It now appears that this is not a issue with the PSN, rather its a issue with the old "Fat" PS3 consoles.

its being reported throughout the internet that the issue started when the 28th February went to 1st March. its now suspected, by many, that the issue is a calender bug that has reverted the calender on the PS3 to 2000.

This Bug is reportedly affected more than Retail PS3 consoles. its been reported that Debug units have also got this bug. Debug units are used by game developers to test their games on a PS3 console as well as Major game sites who review non-retail versions of games. Its reported that these units are currently unusable.

The Official USA and EU Playstation Blogs offer no fixes but do say that they are working on a fix. they recommend that people follow the USA or EU Twitter feeds to keep up to date with any news on the issue. at present its recommended that Playstation 3 owners with a "Fat" Unit do not turn them on until a fix is found.

QTE Gamers will report when a fix is found.

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