Thursday, February 4, 2010

Glu Mobile Announce 1000 Find 'Em All Is Out Now On The App Store

Glu Mobile have announced that 1000 Find 'Em All is out now on the App Store for $2.99 / £1.79.
1000 Find 'Em All is a game that lets users explore and discover items in the game world by navigating the real world. the items are collected by using the GPS to explore the real world; searching for gifters in the game world who use registered real world Wi-Fi hotspots; And Interacting with the game world.

Press Release

SAN MATEO, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Feb 04, 2010 Glu Mobile Inc. (Nasdaq:GLUU), a leading global publisher of mobile games, today announced the availability of its 1000: Find ‘Em All! app on the App Store. The app lets iPhone and iPod touch users explore and discover items in the game’s fantasy world by navigating the actual, real world around them. Players can collect 1000 weird and wonderful items in three unique ways: GPS mode to explore the real world; searching for Gifters in the game world using registered real-world Wi-Fi hotspots; and interacting with the virtual game world.

“No matter where the day may take you, we designed the 1000: Find ‘Em All! App to be played in bite-sized portions and to make the world around you a bit more interesting,” said Alex Galvagni, CTO & SVP Global Product Development, Glu Mobile. “The app seamlessly integrates the players and their real world locations with the game itself, making the player’s actual location an essential part of the game. 1000: Find ‘Em All! brings GPS gaming on iPhone and iPod touch to the next level and we are excited to add another highly inventive game to our original portfolio of apps for iPhone.”

There are 1000 items – Find ‘Em All!
The goal is to search for virtual items that encompass a wide range of fun characters and gifts that players discover through a combination of physically traveling and exploring the world around them, as well as by seeking out Gifters. Gifters are special characters that appear in the virtual world, depending on the location of Wi-Fi hotspots in your actual, real world location. For example, when performing a search within the game, players might find a list of local cafes or hotels with hotspots near them. Each hotspot will create a character in the game, which in turn will provide a new item.

Players can also find items by exploring the real world using the innovative GPS mode in the app. Activating this mode while on the move will reveal a map of the player’s current location covered with collectable gifts. Walking towards a gift will add it to the player’s collection. The gift could be anything from a half eaten jam sandwich to a monkey with a typewriter. Each trinket and gizmo is one part of the collection of 1000.

The 1000: Find ‘Em All! App is available for $2.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or

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About Glu Mobile
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