Monday, December 14, 2009

QTE Tweets Of The Week

The Following are the top 10 most clicked QTE Gamers tweets of the week. I'm not too sure how accurate it is this week as there were some issues at the start of the week with the Owly service.

10 Final Fantasy XIII on 360 will have compressed Audio+Video. On PS3, nothing is compressed. still only needs 1 Bluray disc

9 PS3: Trophies for Borderlands hints that the next DLC will have 3 coliseums which will have Lesser and Larger challenges

8 Australian Ratings board has a listing for Star Wars Legends. it's a Mature game. activision is pub, Lucas arts as devs

7 QTE Blog: THQ Have Released A Trailer For The UFC Undisputed 2010 Video Game Awards 2009 Reveal

6 Dragon Age Origins has been patched to 1.02. it's manly tweaks. the PC patch has more fixes than the consoles

5 iPhone: Microsoft has asked that the Xbox 360 Live App be taken down from the store. App will work for those who got it

4 QTE Blog: Microsoft Have Announced That Twitter, LastFm, And Facebook Updates Will Allow Child Acesss

3 TellTale are teasing a new Sam & Max game. the teaser are hints at time travel, it may not be a point+click game

2 PS3: The Yakuza 4 is set to come out in Japan on March 19th 2010 for ¥7,980

1 The Next Resident Evil movie, Resident Evil: Afterlife, has been delayed until 2011, says Milla Jovovich

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