Sunday, November 1, 2009

What Have You Played This Week?

Well i got the God Of War III Demo...and it sure delivers.

Football Manager 09 – PC – I decided to go back to a favourite team in the game, FC bayern Munchen. They are not my favourite team, that's Ipswich Town, but they are one of the easiest teams to play as, which enables me to look for other players, tactics and such. Would love to get the new game, but unfortunately I can't afford it, but what is great about the Football Manager games is that you can play them for a long time, even if a new version has come out (typically as the newest Football Manager needs 1 patch for it to get great.)

WipEout HD Fury – PS3 – Still enjoying the Eliminator, especially online. Working my way through unlocking liveries from many of the teams and working my way through the Fury events.

God Of War III Demo – PS3 – I'm a huge fan of the series and have been awaiting this demo for a while. And as soon as I started playing, all the combo's came flooding back. It looks great, and what's better is that it's a old demo. Its almost guaranteed that the game will look better than this. The demo through some old enemies, some new moves, and the death of a God, everything you hoped to see. The only issue I had was the size of the Demo as it took all night to download it. Some people new to the series may find it a bit difficult, but stick with it cause it is a very satisfying game.

Dragon Ball Z Raging Burst Demo – PS3 – I've played a few of the Dragon Ball X beat-um-ups and enjoyed them. This demo is a bit short and limited, but I think I got a good feel for it. The controls took some getting used to, with many of the special attacks being put on the right stick, and the camera is still a little iffy, but overall the presentation is keeping with the TV show and destructible environments are fun.

Earth Defence Force 2017 – Xbox 360 – this is my new rented game. I've heard many different things about this game. For me, I do like that the levels are short and its simply a shooter. Some might call it a pallet cleanser. But the difficulty does spike now and then, and i'm currently stuck on level 15. the loading times for this game are terrible, even when its install to HDD, and for those who like trophies...these are hard.

What have you been playing this week? feel free to add your weeks gaming selection in the comments, or comment on my selection for this week

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