Monday, November 16, 2009

QTE Tweets Of The Week

The Following are the top 10 most clicked QTE Gamers tweets of the week. this is not a correct list as for most of the week the Owly service was having technical issues.

10 PS3/PSP: EA is looking to enable PS3 to PSP league connectivity in Madden 11. Play league on PS3, finish it on PSP

9 Oct USA NPD Game Sales, Uncharted 2 537k, Wii Fit Plus 441k, Borderlands360 418k, Wii Sports Resort 314k, NBA 2K10360 311k

8 QTE Blog: Sony Online Entertainment Have Released Screenshots And A Trailer For EverQuest II Expansion Sentinel's F...

7 UK Supermarkets are aggressively pricing Modern Warfare 2.Sainsbury's £26, ASDA £32, Tesco £25 when bought with chart item

6 PS3: Modern Warfare 2 has been patched to fix the trophy issues. 1.02 is out now. party invite patch coming.

5 Infinity Ward will not reset the Modern Warfare 2 mulitplayer leaderboards of legit bought copies.

4 GameStop broke the Modern Warfare 2 street date as other retailers did, it was "an effort to protect our customer base"

3 Some sites have broken the Modern Warfare 2 review embargo. they rate it very highly, a couple of perfect scores.

2 QTE Blog: Microsoft Has Released A New Video Showing The Zune Video Marketplace In Action

1 360: Microsoft announce a new Bundle. its a Xbox 360 elite with Grand Theft Auto IV and GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City

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