Monday, November 16, 2009

Eidos Have Released New Screenshots For Just Cause 2 And Two Short Documentary Videos

Eidos have released new screenshots and two short documentary videos for Just Cause 2. The Screenshots appear to be in-game but it is not clear if they are gameplay or representative of gameplay in Just Cause 2. the Documentary's look at different aspects of gameplay, the first looks at Panau, whilst the second focuses on the Grapple.
the Panau video discuses the size of the island, all the different weather zones and how the player can see it form and how it effects the main character. they also provide some back story for it and show various types of gameplay. The Grapple video shows how the grapple has become a important part of gameplay and how it can be used with other in-game objects to pull of moves.

Just Cause 2

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