Friday, October 30, 2009

Sony Europe Discuss The PSP UMD Game Data Install To Memory Card Option

With the Football Manager Handheld series, Gran Turismo and the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 6 having options to install data from the UMD to the Memory Card, i asked Sony has this been available to developers since the PSP launch as it appears to be a recent development.

I also asked if there was a limit as to what a developer can do with this option, whether there is a limit to the file size, or if the game has to be playable without an install.

"Game developers could have done this manually since launch, with approval from SCE, but with a recent SDK release, SCE has added system support for this functionality. There is no limit, or rules around whether the game has to run without an install, at least not yet. We will continue to review the system to see if we do need to provide further guidance to publishers on usage of this feature as it gets further use."

So it appears that originally, only games like Football Manager Handheld, managed to get approval to install game data to the memory card, but with updates to the SDK its become more accessible to developers in general and appears that Sony has made it flexable as to how its used.

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