Thursday, October 1, 2009

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: This Weeks WiiWare, DSiWare, And Virtual Console Releases

  • PS3: RT @guycocker: The internet has gone positively mental for Uncharted 2.

  • The DJ hero Controller will not be compatible with other DJ Games.

  • PS3: Fat Princess is coming out in Japan as Chubby Princess. the game will be blood free. set to come out in November

  • DJ Hero 2 is rumoured to be worked on. DJ Qbert is rumoured to be involved.

  • Super Street Fighter IV is not coming to Arcades.

  • Dead Space 2 is reported to be in the later stages of pre-production, with production set to start in a few months.

  • have translated the the Final Fantasy XIII trailer from TGS into english.

  • PSPgo: Sony expected a bigger backlash from retailers to the PSPgo than what has appeared so far.

  • QTE Blog: THQ Have Released A New Trailer For WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2010

  • DSi: the boxart for the first DSi only game has been released. it's Japanese, clearly says on the side DSi.

  • PS3: Famitsu reveals that Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition. compatible with DLC, saves, and trophies from RE5 + more.

  • 360: RT @majornelson: A few new Mass Effect avatar items are now up on Marketplace

  • QTE Blog: Konami Have Released New Screenshots For Vandal Hearts On Xbox Live Aracde And Playstation Network.

  • QTE Blog: Sony Online Entertainment Announce That The Green Arrow Is In DC Universe Online

  • Wii: Nintendo have announced that Wii Fit Plus is coming out on October 30th in Europe.

  • PC: Lord Of The Rings Online, Siege of Mirkwood is set to go live on December 1st. the expansion will cost $19.99.

  • PC: Funcom have announced that there have been layoffs and Secret World will be delayed. Age of Conan unaffected.

  • PSP: Atari announce that Ghostbusters is coming to the PSP. the launch trailer makes the game look like the Wii version

  • ONLive: ONLive have announced that they have secured investments from various sources including Warner Bros., AT&T, + more

  • PS3: Japanese Home featured a PixleJunk Space based on their stall at the Tokyo Game Show. featured a trailer for Shooter

  • QTE Blog: Sandisk Announce A New Range Of Memory Cards For Portable Consoles

  • 360: Microsoft have said, about bundles, that they have “nothing to share at this time for the UK”.

  • Wii: Update 4.2 is apparently causing issues with consoles. some seem unable to complete the download/install.

  • QTE Blog: Konami Have Released New Screenshots And A New Story Trailer For Tornado Outbreak On XBLA And PSN

  • QTE Blog: Zynga Announce They Have More Than Quadrupled Monthly Users From 30 Million To 129 Million Users

  • PS3: Home 1.3 coming on Thursday. brings Universal Game Launching,In-Store Item Previewing,New Emotes and Actions + More

  • QTE Blog: EA Has Released The Spore Hero Launch Trailer

  • QTE Blog: New Zero Punctuation - Darkest of Days

  • 360: Hydrophobia is now coming out on XBLA. will have 3 episodes, 5 hours each. out in next 12 months.

  • One of the Modern Warfare 2 DLC Map packs is Expected spring 2010.

  • Sony has patented the "Motion Engine". it can be used for everything. appears to be muti touch.

  • PSP: Users are reporting issues with trying to play Motorstorm Arctic Edge. some can't play online, others disconnect

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