Thursday, October 1, 2009

QTE Posts In Video - Youtube

I had previously tried doing QTE Posts in Video as a video podcast, but unfortunately i'm not able to provide that and the Audio Re-Caps at the same time.

However, i'm now trying it out on youtube. it should be the only type of video on and hopefully a new one should be up before the days out.

As ever, comments on this are welcomed just be aware that i don't have the finances to do anything more than this/make it "flashy", but if you have something to say i will read it.

one of the ideas for this site is to make it easy for the reader to keep up to date with news. thats why i use twitter, keep my blog posts short and to the point, and why i do a audio re-cap, which can be found here and on itunes, as well as a written re-cap. with many phones/consoles/pc's able to use Youtube, hopefully its another way for readers to keep in touch with the news.

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