Friday, September 25, 2009

Sega Has Released 3 New Videos For Football Manager 2010 On The PC

Sega has released 3 new trailers for Football Manager 2010. the first trailer shows the 3D Match Engine during a match. the second trailer shows the 3D match engine during a replay.
the final trailer shows how you can create your own tactics for you team. it goes into picking a formation, playing philosophy, Playing Style, Player Roles, Player Duties, Starting Strategy, And Summary. these 8 steps come with a "How To" guide explaining what each step means, and how each option, in that step, can change your teams strategy.

3D Match Engine Trailer

Match Engine Replay Trailer

Create Your Own Tactics Walkthrough

i do apologise for the quality of the videos, unfortunately i do not have the funds to offer HD quality videos but, but i hope it's good enough for you readers.

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