Friday, August 14, 2009

Star Trek Online Vigilant Class Revealed.

Cryptic have revealed a new Starfleet class for Star Trek Online. The Vigilant Class is an evolution of the Defiant Class, and like the Defiant class "the Vigilant is designed for one thing: combat"1
This ship is really only built for one purpose, to fight. it's weapons "can be boosted for a massive attack against a single enemy, or configured to fire at multiple opponents"2, but the article hints that the ship isn't as customisable as previous ships revealed as the only possible upgrade mentioned was Quantum Torpedoes.
In the article, they hint towards what other uses the class may have in the game. "It is ideal for pursuing raiders or defending a larger vessel..."3, to "protect convoys in contested areas or track pirates to their bases."4

Star Trek Online, Vigilant Class


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