Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sony Release Several NGP Game Screenshots, Announce Super Stardust Delta, Announce PSP Backwards Compatability

Sony have announced Super Stardust Delta, a game that uses either the dual analogue sticks or the touchscreen and motion sensors. they have released a new picture, shown above. Sony have also confirmed several new games and released screenshots below.

Hustle Kings screenshots
Hustle Kings has added touchscreen controls, both touch pads.

Little Deviant Screenshots
Little Deviants is described as a game that uses all the NGP's hardware features. the video below goes into detail how each of the main hardware features are used.

Reality Fighters Screenshots
Reality Fighters hadn't been officially announced until now. its an Augmented Reality Game where you can also use the cameras to put yourself in the game as a fighter.

Sony have also confirmed PSP games bought from the PSN Store are playable on the NGP. its been revealed the games will run via software emulation and there will be an option to enhance the game with the smoothing of graphics. Sony have also revealed some games, like Resistance Retribution, will take advantage of both Analogue sticks.

From USA Playstation Blog
Additional Info From Eurogamer

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