Friday, April 8, 2011

Funbox Media Announce They Are Bringing Natsume's Adventures To Go! To The UK

Funbox Media have announced they are brining Adventures To Go to the UK. no release date has been provided, but it would be fair to guess that its coming soon. the game was developed by Natsume and is set to be a budget title, £19.99. Adventures To Go is a RPG with a grid based battle system. there are several characters, each with their own abilities and spells.


Source: Funbox Media

Press Release

8th April 2011 Sheffield UK – Funbox Media announces Adventures to Go for PSP

Word on the cobblestone is that the king needs new heroes to keep his kingdom safe, but are Finn Courtland and his band of misfits really what His Majesty has in mind?

Take on tasks and do battle with monsters at Adventures To Go. Here, exciting things are made to order!

Strategic grid based battle challenges will have you using your brain as well as your brawn.
Control a diverse team of characters, all with umique spells and abilities.
Massive variety of spells, weapons and monsters.


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