Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Have You Played This Week?

I have completed Darkstalkers. i should have finished it earlier as its a great game. no new rented game this week yet but i did start Dark Void which i got too cheap for new recently.

Football Manager 2010 – PC – another season, another promotion. Havant & Waterlooville are now playing in the League 2.

Pokèmon White – DS – 25 hours in, 5 badges and 65 Pokèmon in the Pokèdex. My team currently has Boldore, Sigilyph, Pansear, Dewott, Zebstrike, and Leavanny. I've found with the last couple of gyms its best to have a team of 4/5 and use that spare Pokèmon slot for one that's good against the gym. What can I say, i'm having a fun time playing it.

Darkstalkers – PS3 – Finished! Yep your eye are not deceiving you, I have completed the game. And wow, it really does end well. As i've mentioned before, the main character was starting to feel over powered but by the end the balance is restored and the battles feel meaty. By the time the end comes I had most of the collectables so I opened a FAQ to get the 2 pieces of armor I was missing, which look great on the character. The twist I thought was coming did, but it didn't detract from the main game or the other events that happened at the end. Getting a portal gun was fun and it had some interesting uses of it. Overall, Darkstalkers is a great game. It may be tough in the beginning, but it is well worth it. The story is really good, the graphics were good as well apart from cutscenes as they didn't seem to take advantage of the PS3 and looked compressed like the 360 version most likely had. I can see the Zelda comparisons and it doesn’t harm the game as its great enough to stand on its own.

Dark Void – Xbox 360 – I bought this game for around £5 recently. For that price i'm willing to give most games a go. The game appears to be split into 3 episodes and i'm nearly done with the first. So its a bit early to give a full verdict, but so far its not bad. The story feels like it's missing a step/cutscene but that's not a big problem. The graphics are pretty average. In the first chapter, the distance could look better, its very simple, much like Uncharted as there's plenty to see. The game controls well. The enemy is a bit of a bullet sponge and headshots sometimes work, though that could be down to the weapon i'm using. Flying combat takes time to get used to but it does work and so does the vertical cover and moving up/down from cover to cover. So far its well worth the money I paid and i'm interested where the story is going to go.

Slam Bolt Scrappers – Demo - PS3 – I downloaded this demo because I didn't understand what the game was. Safe to say after the demo I do, but i'd recommend everyone downloading the demo cause it was genuinely fun. The demo itself is good, it has a tutorial and has 3 stages to play through. I'm considering getting the game from just the demo. To explain the game isn't easy. It combines Tetris with tower defence. For example, you need to combine blocks in a tower, the tower is like a tetris field. Once these blocks are grouped into 4 they create weapons. These weapons can be upgraded by adding more blocks on them. These weapons attack enemy towers. To get blocks your main character fights flying monsters. The opposing tower also has a character who's after blocks. Both characters can fight each other. Trust me, it sounds frantic but its surprisingly well under control. The graphics are good, controls take a little bit to get used to but that's cause i've played Tetris/Lumines and these controls are slightly different.

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