Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sony Announce PS3 Firmware Update 3.60 Brings Online Storage For Game Saves For PS+ Members

Sony have announced Playstation 3 Firmware update 3.60 comes out tomorrow. the update brings Online Game Save Storage to Playstation Plus Members. each member will have access to 150MB of storage space, which should be enough for 1000 game saves. if a game has copy protection, you can still copy them to online storage but they can't be accessed for 24 hours.

To copy a game save to online storage, highlight the game save you want to store in the [Saved Data Utility (PS3)], press the triangle button to bring up the options, select “copy” and then select “Online Storage” as the destination. In turn, you can access your Online Storage list via [Saved Data Utility (PS3)] when signed into PlayStation Network on a friend’s PS3 and download your stored game saves to carry on your game from where you left off.

If your Playstation Plus Subscription expires whilst you have game saves in the Online Storage you won't be able to access the saves until you renew your subscription. Game saves will be kept online for 6 months.

Source: EU Playstation Blog

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