Friday, March 4, 2011

From Software Have Released New Screenshots For Dark Souls And Detail The Beacon Fire

From Software have released new screenshots for Dark Souls. these in-game screenshots show a few different locations as well as a variety of enemies. From Software have also detailed The Beacon Fire. this is a key feature that permeates the entire game. it serves several functions in the game, perhaps one of the more important features is it acts as a rest point. its other uses include being used as a Recovery Point, A Restart Point for when you die, and a Sharing Point where you talk to others.


Produced by NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. and powered by From Software Inc., Dark Souls is a brand new
action role playing game for PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360®. Set in a rich, dark fantasy universe, the game's
tense dungeon crawling, fearsome enemy encounters and groundbreaking online features combine for an utterly
compelling experience. Dark Souls breaks down barriers with a seamless world that encourages exploration and
demands adaptability. As players encounter terrifying enemies and discover new areas, the game's foundation of
challenge and reward permeates the experience, delivering an unparalleled sense of achievement.

In Dark Souls, players have a new friend. The Beacon Fire is a key feature that will permeate the entire game
universe, serving a number of important functions for players as they battle on many levels to overcome the
uniquely challenging universe.
The game world of Dark Souls is seamless, with no distinct levels and few loading times. Throughout the world, the
small, warm light of the beacon fire will serve as a point of subtle releaf that glows in the cold, dark world that the
player explores though. The main functions of Beacon Fire are as follows:
→ Recovery Point:
Use the fire to restore the Life Gauge;
→ Restart Point:
When a player dies in the game they can restart from the last Beacon Fire, helping players progress in the face of
adversity and death;
→ Sharing Point:
Players may gather around the beacon fire to share the Dark Souls experience.

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