Friday, February 25, 2011

Zoo Games Announce Mayhem For The PS3 And Xbox 360

Zoo Games have announced Mayhem, a game in development for the PS3 and 360 by Rombax. Mayhem is a arcade racing and car destruction game with a unique noir comic book style. The game has 20 different levels set across 5 unique areas. the 4 game modes include Demolition Derby, Banger Racing, Domination, and Eliminator. the game has 120 different vehicles that can be customised. Mayhem also features a 3D gameplay option.



Fact Sheet

Distributor: Zoo Games
Publisher: Rombax
Platform: XBOX® 360 / Playstation® 3
Release Date: March 29, 2011
Genre: Arcade Racing
Multiplayer: 1-8
ESRB: E10+
Price: $39.99

Brief Game Description
Featuring a distinct noir comic book aesthetic, Mayhem challenges players to crush or be crushed in a white-knuckle racing and car destruction game. Highly customizable for hours of opponent pummeling entertainment, the fast-paced arcade racing video game features realistic 3D Action.

Key Features
Diverse Environments – Tackle opponents or work on shaving seconds off runs by competing on 20 different levels in five unique arenas

Four Exciting Game Modes
Demolition Derby: an intense contest to be the last one standing
Banger Racing: a drag out brawl to land in the pole position
Domination: a fight to knock opponents into the dreaded pit
Eliminator: a pole position race with a twist - players must cross the finish line at the front of the pack or be eliminated

Vehicle Customization – Choose from 120 different vehicles in six different
classes: Muscle, Sedan, Wagon, Coupe, Truck and Monster Truck

Mayhem Points - Players can also work to accumulate ‘Mayhem Points’ to unlock new levels, earned each time they smash into an opponent’s vehicle resulting in a loss of parts or even explosions
White - damage inflicted
Red - damage sustained

Ramming Speed - Drivers can earn boost from collecting parts knocked off other vehicles filling the boost meter to receive ‘Ramming Speed’

Bonus Minigame Challenges – Pit Pusher, Duck Shoot, Rear Wrecker, and
Part Collector are also encountered throughout to test players’ automotive fortitude

Optional 3D – Features a 3D gameplay option compatible with any TV

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