Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Have You Played This Week?

Ok, I admit I didn't play Darkstalkers this week but the game has moved into my PS3 console and is all set up to be played. So I should have several hours worth to talk about next week. Apart from that, I didn't get as much gaming in as I hoped.

Football Manager 2010 – PC – I've had a great start with Havant & Waterlooville. Injuries have been annoying and i've had to make use of the loan market. I'm top of the league, had a fun little FA Cup run...and overall things appear to be going great and I look set to get promoted already, its coming up to the end of December.

Killzone 3 – PS3 – of course I got the game. I've not dived into the single player mode, instead I tried out multiplayer. The first game I did terrible, but once I understood menus and got used to being powerless I soon regained my high scores. I do have one issue however. Those who follow these know I played a lot of Killzone 2 multiplayer recently. Well, with Killzone 3 there just appears to be more menus with less information that stand between you and playing a game...and once your done with a game there are more menus, granted these have some decent information, but you can only exit the game from one of these menus. Apart from that its great, looks great, fun maps, and its...great.

Pac-Mac Championship Edition DX – PS3 – I played through another set of tasks for the stage before the stage called Championship I. Its still fun, good in little bite sizes. It would've been nice to see friends scores easier, but I doubt there'll be any more patches for this game.

Bejeweled Blitz – Xbox 360 – i've played the Facebook game a lot and high hopes for the 360 version. So much so I dived in and bought it without trying it out first. Big mistake. Forget how Bejeweled 2 plays on the 360, and forget how Blitz looks on Facebook. The start screen is a mess, the background is all over the place and has a look i'm not comfortable with. In the game, to move the jewels around you have to use the XAYB Buttons. You use the left analogue stick to move the cursor, once you highlight a jewel you then have to use the face buttons to move it. This is very hard to get used to. Another issue is the size of the grid you play with. It's just soo big. I can't sit too far back from my screen, but i've not had an issue with games like Puzzle Quest II. In this game its soo big that its hard to see the whole screen. The size is also compounded by the slow moving of the cursor and the crazy control method all makes it hard to get a speed bonus or two.

Split/Second – PS3 – this was another game i've picked up for less than £10. I tried a couple of races, its a lot of fun, but i've not really got into it yet.

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