Friday, October 22, 2010

Atomic Games Announce Breach For The Xbox 360 And PC And Detail Hardcore Mode

Atomic Games have announced Breach, an upcoming FPS coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PC for less than £20. Atomic games have revealed that because of Breach's realism, there was interest from gamers and organizations for a more realistic mode. Atomic Games have created a Hardcore Mode that brings the following changes and challenges for gamers:

  • New "Sole Survivor" Game Type: Each player is given only one life and no re-spawns, causing them to move and shoot with far more care and precision in this Team Deathmatch-like competition.
  • Minimal HUD experience – Aiming reticule and other items turned off, while certain other items are left in as real life affords greater situational awareness.
  • Disabling of Mini-Map radar system - removes the ability to use the radar to track enemy and friendly forces, players must be more aware of their surroundings.
  • Disabling of ammo counter and weapon fire-mode display.
  • Disabling of Kill Cam system: No longer gives you a hint about the person who killed you or where they were located, keeping your effective kill locations hidden.
  • Modified Damage Settings creating a more lethal experience: More realistic damage from all weapons, making direct fire fights highly lethal. Use cover to gain the upper hand.
  • Hardcore mode can be applied to any of the existing maps and Game types: Creating a unique twist for the serious gamers across the board.
  • Filter match searchers by normal or hardcore to match your play style

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