Thursday, September 16, 2010

Treasure And Microsoft Announce Radiant Silvergun For Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft and Treasure have announced that Once Japan only game, Radiant Silvergun, is now coming out on Xbox Live Arcade. Radiant Silvergun was a Sega Saturn Game and Spiritual Successor to Ikaruga. This XBLA port will feature the 7 weapon system and new improvements to the game, including a new chaining system.


Press Release

“ Radiant Silvergun ” ( Treasure , Microsoft Game Studios). The classic scrolling shooter from Japan and spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed “ Ikaruga ” receives an international release in this revival on Xbox LIVE Arcade on Xbox 360, the first ever since SEGA Saturn . “Radiant Silvergun” will see the return of the unique seven-weapon system among other fan-favorite gameplay features, as well as improvements, including the addition of a new system to enhance the challenging original chain system.

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