Sunday, September 12, 2010

QTE Tweets Of The Week

This top 10 shows the most clicked tweets from my News in brief Twitter stream. Its not surprising that Apple topped this weeks top 10, especially with the news regarding Game Center. Its nice to see 3 stories from QTE Gamers making the top 10, and a bit suprising that they're Nintendo Wii stories. Stories at 1 and 2 were the run away stories this week, followed by 4-7, and 8-10 rounding it up.

10 QTE Blog: Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Thursday 9th September

9 360: Valve blames Microsoft and their patching system for the failure in keeping Team Fortress 2 updated

8 QTE Blog: Nintendo Have Released New Screenshots And A Trailer For Fluidity

7 QTE Blog: Namco Bandai Announce Namco Museum Megamix Exclusively For The Nintendo Wii

6 360: its strongly rumoured AT&T is testing U-Verse on the 360. its reportedly only a few months away

5 Sony admit they can't compete with Microsoft when it comes to Spending, especially on advertising

4 Q Entertainment reveal that Child Of Eden is not a downloadable title, its a retail PS3/360 title

3 its reported someone, whilst drunk, said the next Red Dead game is called Red Dead Revolution

2 PSP: a leaked image is rumoured to show the additional Final Fantasy Characters coming to Dissidia Duodecim

1 Apple Confirm only the 2nd.3rd/4th gen iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS/4 will get Game Center with the iOS 4.1 update

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