Monday, August 9, 2010

Roundup Of All The Pokémon Black And White Reveals From The Weekend

Over the weekend, several pieces of Pokémon Black And White news was leaked as well as information regarding the upcoming Pokémon Best Wishes Anime. Unfortunately, there has also been a large amount of fake leaks as well which is why i delayed writing this post until it was clear what's correct. There are two main sources for all the leaks, rumours, and reveals. The latest CoroCoro magazine was leaked and there have been Playable Pokémon Black And White Demo's making the rounds. The names of the Pokémon are in Japanese and You can click on all the pictures to see them bigger.

New Pokémon.

The Caterpillar looking Pokémon has been revealed as Kurumiru. its a bug/grass type Pokémon whose abilities include Swarm and Chlorophyll. it has a new attack called Bug Resistance which attacks 2 Pokémon at once.

The Mole looking Pokémon has been confirmed as Moguryuu. its a ground type whose abilities are Sand Throw or Sand Power. it has a new attack called Drill liner

The Pink fish is called Mamambou and its a water type. its ability is Hydration. its speculated that its the evolution of Luvdisc.

The Pokémon standing up is called Miruhoggu and its the evolution of Minezumi. its a normal type with the abilities Illuminate or Keen eye.

The Deer Pokémon is called Shikijika. its a normal/grass type whose abilities include Chlorophyll or Herbivore. The Colour of Shikijika changes depending on the season in the game.

The Swan looking Pokémon has been confirmed as Swana, a Water/Flying type. its abilities are either Keen Eye or Pigeon Heart. it has a new attack called Windstorm.

The Rock looking Pokémon is called Gigaiasu. its a Rock type whose ability is Sturdy.

Other News...

In the article showing Shikijika, its revealed that Pokémon Black and White both feature seasons. each month in real life brings a new season in game, meaning there is a maximum of 3 times you see each season in a year. as well as changing the fur of Shikijika, the changing of seasons is noticeable in game with colour changes and certain areas becoming accessible or inaccessible due to things like snow.

It has been announced that TM's will no longer disappear once they have been used. they can be used as many times as you like, much like how HM's work in previous Pokémon games.

The game once more revolves around you, the main character, earning 8 gym badges. the first gym leader is Dento, the boy with green hair, whilst the second is Aloe. you fight them at Sanyo City and Shippou City respectively. the badge shown in the article is from Dento's gym.

Its been revealed there are no berries in Isshu, they only appear in the dream world. The Dream world is when you transfer your Pokémon to your real world PC. here you can obtain Pokémon with abilities they wouldn't have in the game as well as gain berries. there are other unlockables you can gain whilst in the Dream World, like Nee Pokédex covers and songs for Pokémon Musical contests.

There are a few more details in the original story From Pokébeach

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