Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Microsoft Reveal The New $64.99 Matte Silver Xbox 360 Controller Bundle

Microsoft have announced that a new Xbox 360 Wireless controller is coming out in November in the USA and February in the UK. The key feature of this controller is the improved D-Pad. Microsoft have created a new D-pad that looks like the current D-Pad, but if you rotate it, left or right, the d-pad changes with the round parts going down leaving the main direction parts raised up. other features include the XABY button colours being changed and Concave analogue sticks. this new controller can only be bought with in a Play & Charge Kit Bundle for $64.99.


Microsoft have announced that this new controller will be at PAX this weekend. it has not been made clear if this new controller will be replacing the current standard controllers. for now Microsoft list it as a special edition.

From Major Nelson

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