Friday, July 23, 2010

The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Thursday 22nd July

  • QTE Blog: The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Wednesday 21st July
  • QTE Blog: Hit X: The News Recapping Podcast For Wednesday 21st July
  • PS3: Netflix say that a App is coming before October 21st, will learn what users liked from Hulu App
  • QTE Blog: UK PSN Update 21/07/2010
  • PS3: The Team behind The Sly collection are looking to add a 3D slider to the game, using a controller you pick 3D depth
  • PC: NPD reveal that in 2009, 21.3M full pc games were downloaded whilst 23.5M were bought at retail
  • QTE Blog: Nordic Games And EMI Music Announce We Sing Robbie Williams For The Nintendo Wii
  • Eiji Aonuma reveale there is a master timeline for the Zelda Series, Skyward Sword is set before Ocarina of Time
  • Its reported that Microsoft tried cross gameplay between a PC and 360, but found PC Gamers too accurate and abandoned it
  • QTE Blog: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Have Released New Screenshots And A Trailer For Batman: The Brave A...
  • PS3: A online retailer is listing Resistance 3 as taking place in New York City, the location of humanity's last stand
  • 360: Don McCabe, Kinect won't boost hardware sales by much, its too expensive, causal market already in decline
  • QTE Blog: Black Bean Have Released A New Gameplay Trailer For WRC
  • Argos announce they're starting a videogame tradein service from 24th July, 250 titles can be traded for Argos Gift Cards
  • NIS America and Nippon Ichi are teasing an announcement coming at TGS of an upcoming RPG
  • QTE Blog: Sony Have Released A Teaser Trailer For DC Universe Online
  • Shinji Mikami, Vanquish Director, reveals vanquish was originally an open world game, but they moved to a linear route
  • Square Enix have announced that the Front Mission Evolved release date is now 28th September.
  • QTE Blog: Square Enix Announce Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Is Coming To The PSP
  • QTE Blog: Sega Announce The Guardian Advanced Content Pack For Phantasy Star Universe Is Out Now And The Ambition of...
  • Capcom Accidentally release new Marvel Vs Capcom 3 screenshots revealing Thor and Amaterasu Fighters
  • Mac: Ubisoft announce Splinter Cell Conviction and Assassin's Creed II is coming to Macs by September
  • QTE Blog: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Have Released New Lego Universe Videos And Screenshots
  • QTE Blog: Microsoft Have Released New Screenshots For Fable 3
  • PS3: A press release found announcing Move is coming to Asia on 15th September, Flight Control HD Coming to PSN + Move
  • PS3: 4 new Tech Demos for Playstation move have been released, showing its Potential.
  • QTE Blog: Capcom Announce Dead Rising 2: Case 0 Is Coming Out On XBLA For 400 MS Points On 31st August
  • PS3: MotorStorm Apocalypse, 40 tracks, 13 vehicles, custom soundtracks, game mode creator, vehicle customisation+sharing
  • 360: its rumoured a £399.99 Halo Reach bundle is coming, Silver Xbox 250gb Slim, 2 controllers + game
  • QTE Blog: Sony Have Released A New Gameplay Trailer And Screenshots For Dead Nation
  • its reported that Medal of Honor is being developed by Dangle Close Games, possibly EA L.A's new name
  • PS3: The ESRB has rated Art of Fighting for the PS3 and PSP. Speculation is SNK Classics finally coming to USA PSN
  • PS3: Sony say Home revenue for Q1 2010 is 3x greater than the same period 2009, userbase more than doubled in a year

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