Monday, July 12, 2010

Leaked CoroCoro Scans Reveal 7 New Pokémon For Pokémon Black And White, New Characters, And Much More [Updated]

Scans from the latest CoroCoro magazine have made their way onto the internet. the magazine revealed 7 new Pokémon as well as new characters and specific features unique to each Pokémon game. The names of the Pokémon and characters are their Japanese names. no English names have been released as yet. Unfortunately, details are a bit light on many of the Pokémon and characters.
[New updated information for the Pokémon, Kibago, Koromori, and Minezumi have been released.]

Wargle is a Normal/Flying type Pokémon who's ability is Keen Eye. It learns a new Move called Free Fall. Free Fall is a 2 turn move, the first turn has Wargle picking up an enemy Pokémon whilst the second move has Wargle throwing the Pokémon to the ground.

Rankurusu is a Psychic Type Pokémon, and the green one in the picture above. one if its abilities is Magic Guard. This Pokémon is exclusive to one of the games but which one hasn't been announced yet.

Gochiruzeru's Type is currently unknown as is its abilities. is the Black and purple Pokémon in the picture above. This Pokémon is exclusive to one of the games but which one hasn't been announced yet.

Kibago is a Dragon type Pokémon whose ability is either Rivalry or Mold Breaker. It has a new attack called Double Chop which attacks an opponent twice.

Koromoriis a Psychic/Flying type Pokémon Whose abilities are either Unaware or Klutz. it knows a new attack called Heart Stomp, which can cause the opposing Pokémon to flinch.

Minezumiis Is a Normal Type Pokémon whose ability is either Run Away or Keen Eye.

Musharna, the Pokémon with smoke coming out of it in the picture, is reportedly the evolution of Munna. its also reported the Pokémon has a secret relating to something called Dream Smoke. its thought Dream Smoke is needed to upload your game save to the internet.

Makomo, the woman in the picture, is friends with Professor Araragi.

The Girl in the top picure is called Beru, whilst the guy in the bottom picture is called Cheren. They are both friends of the games main character.

The Final new character revealed is a guy called N.

These pictures show areas unique to each game. the first picture shows Black City and the second picture shows White Forest. its unknown which game each area is unique to.

The Magazine scans have also revealed that the 3 on 3 battles do have some strategy to them as setting up you Pokémon's formation will be important as it effects who gets hit.
The game also has a new feature called "Passing By," which connects your DS automatically to players near by, that lets you help other players.
"High Link" is a building which you can go to to get missions to help other players in the game.
A DSi only feature is "TV Transceiver." this allows you to chat to people who you have exchanged friend codes with, up to 4 people locally or 2 via Wifi.

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Updated Information From Pokebeach

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