Friday, July 30, 2010

Endgame Studios And N3V Games Release A New Trailer For Fractured Soul On The Nintendo DS

Endgame Studios And N3V Games have released a new trailer for Fractured Soul, a Nintendo DS game they are working on. presently, Fractured Soul doesn't have a publisher, but this video is from a near finished game. the video is all in-game and shows how Fractured Soul uniquely uses both the top and bottom screens. The trailer shows that you are playing 2 games at once and moving your character from the top and bottom screen. various different uses of this mechanic are shown in the trailer, one being moving between the screens defeating enemies on the bottom screen before moving to the top screen to destroy those enemies.

N3V Games together with Endgame Studios is proud to present the new Fractured Soul trailer.

Grant Davies – Director @ Endgame Studios (Developers)

We always felt we were making a great, fun DS game with an innovative twist... but we never realised how much people would like it until yesterday, when we released our trailer.... 13,500 views in the first 24 hours and a slew of amazing comments. People are loving Fractured Soul! Right from when the DS was first announced, we’ve wanted to make a game that made full use of both screens. We always felt that gamers would embrace a game that truly fit the DS hardware. Fractured Soul is that game, and from the comments we’ve received so far, and the flood of interest on YouTube, gamers worldwide agree with us. (

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