Monday, July 5, 2010

Codemasters Have Released A New Dev Diary For F1 2010 Focusing On Cars And Tracks

Codemasters have released a new developer diary for F1 2010. this diary focuses on how the team gets the cars and tracks into the game. the devs say that they are given basic CAD from the teams, enough to make in-game wireframe models for the cars, and they also use photographs of the cars to get all the sponsorship in the correct location. But, its not just trying to make the cars look accurate, they are also trying to re-create each cars handling styles, making it so a Red Bull doesn't handle like a HRT. the same is true with tracks, by having Anthony Davidson, they are able to make sure that tracks not only look but also handle like they should, the example given is how cars always understeer at turn 8 at Spa.

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