Monday, June 7, 2010

The Third Episode Of The Crackdown 2 Animated Series Has Been Released

The third episode in the Crackdown 2 animated series has gone live. this episode is like a public service announcement and its titled “The Virus: What We Know.” It details warning signs that someone is infected, what to do if an infected finds you, and that their 1 weakness is the sun.

LONDON – 7 June 2010 - Peacekeepers beware! The five-part animated mini-series for “Crackdown 2” rages on today with the third episode, titled “The Virus: What We Know.” Peeling back the layers to uncover the mystery surrounding the Freak virus, this episode reveals the Agency’s Public Service Announcement that’s vital to surviving a Freak attack and infection. Before you embark on your tour of duty as an Agent in “Crackdown 2” when the title releases exclusively for Xbox 360 on July 9, 2010 in Europe, be sure to check out what you’re up against.

Ravaging civilians through bite, burn or scratch, the virus acts incredibly fast to attack, divide and mutate human tissues, creating Freaks of all shapes and sizes…and odours. To keep from falling victim to the Freaks, civilians better listen carefully or suffer the consequences:
The best weapon against infection: Vigilance. See a Freak or infection, report it!
The telltale signs of infection: Unresponsiveness, redness around the eyes, pronounced veins and a distinctive odour.
To ward off a Freak: Scream, confuse it, use big gestures or play dead.
The Freaks’ vulnerability: Light – but the sun won’t always be on your side.

Written by Ruffian Games senior designer, Ed Campbell, and animated by seasoned comic artist and illustrator, Alex Ronald, this telling mini-series chronicles the events that have transpired between the Xbox 360 smash hit “Crackdown” and the highly anticipated sequel, “Crackdown 2.” The highly stylised mini-series tells the tale of the Agency and its fight against new enemies called the Cell (an underground resistance) and the Freaks (mutated civilians ravaging the city).

The five-part animated mini-series will conclude on June 21, 2010. Catch each week’s exclusive debut at

Episode Airing Start Date
Episode 3 June 4, 2010
Episode 4 June 11, 2010
Episode 5 June 21, 2010

“Crackdown 2” is available exclusively on Xbox 360 on July 9 in Europe, but fans can prepare for the action early by pre-ordering now. At participating retailers, fans who pre-order will receive exclusive, in-game bonus armour in four new shades: Gold, Gun Metal, Black and Green.

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