Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Pokémon Black And Pokémon White Rumors Emerge As Does A Map Of Isshu

More scans from the CoroCoro magzine have emerged revealing a map of Isshu, the name of the area where Pokémon Black And Pokémon White takes place in. The map shows the area is split into 3 peninsulas, the right being fairly wooded and probably the starting location, the central one has a desert, a large Pokéball shaped lake, and the city that was previously revealed. the left side is mountainous with towns on the edge and possible temple style locations in the north. all 3 of the peninsulas are connected by a variety of bridges.

Reshiram, the white dragon Pokémon in Pokémon Black, has been revealed as a Dragon/Fire type with Turbo Blaze as its ability. Zekrom, the Black dragon Pokémon in Pokémon White, has been revealed as a Dragon/Electric type with Terra Voltage as its ability.

Its been revealed that in the first generation Pokémon games, Red and Blue, there was a character in the game that would say "The POKEMON here are so chunky! There should be a pink one with a floral pattern!", perhaps hinting this Pokémon, Munma, has existed in some form at Gamefreak for many years. its known that Gamefreak has made Pokémon for a game and put them in a later Pokémon game, so this could be an example of this.

Pokébeach also have new unconfirmed rumours from a well known source regarding Pokémon Black And Pokémon White:
  • There will be 157 new Pokemon, bringing the total amount to 650.
  • Like how Giratina compliments Dialga and Palkia, a large, green cobra will accompany Reshiram and Zekrom.
  • Tauros will have an evolution: Minotauros. It stands on two legs.
  • In previous games, either through moves or through abilities, players were able to alter the weather conditions of the battle field to boost certain types. For example, Groudon’s Drought summons sunlight, which boosts Fire-type moves by 50%. In Black and White, players will be able to collect certain items that alter the weather conditions of the battle field. Approximately twenty of these items will affect the weather conditions so that they will boost certain types (kind of like Stadium cards in the TCG?), with some types getting added bonuses depending on the item.
  • One example will be setting up a Poison Field, which causes all Poison-type attacks to gain 30% accuracy, Sludge Bomb to have a 100% poison rate, and the effects of Toxic Spikes’ poison to have an immediate effect.
  • Black and white, good versus evil, and yin and yang are going to play a major part in the plot. However, unlike previous Pokemon games, the decisions and choices you make will “influence” the plot of the game. If you make “good” choices, you might get certain help or items, whereas “bad” choices could have negative effects. The point is that the plot will not be as cut-and-dry as previous games, changing depending on the player’s actions.
  • Tsutaaja, Pokabu, and Mijumaru had rough designs over this past year or so, but in the last few months received major overhauls, becoming the final designs we see today.

From Pokébeach


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