Monday, May 24, 2010

Sony Officially Announce Killzone 3 And That It Will Be Playable In 3D

Sony Have Officially revealed Killzone 3 Exclusively on the Playstation 3. Sony have also confirmed that the game will be playable in 3D and revealed some of the new features and direction the story takes. The game will have more variety of Enemies, the environments are more massive and show a broader vision of Helghan. The game will also have new close range attacks that are Melee based.

One of the new units that have been revealed is the Jetpack Troopers. these were first seen in Killzone Liberation, on the PSP, and they are heavily armoured troops that can fly. They reveal the Jetpack provides the player with the ability to take off and 2 amounts of forward thrust. The Story continues from Killzone 2, putting the ISA soldiers in more trouble and at a sever disadvantage as they continue to find a way of Helghast.


From EU Playstation Blog

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