Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sony Announce The June SingStar Update Will Bring A New Online Battle Mode

Sony have announced that he June update for SingStar will bring the new Online Battle Mode to SingStar. This Battle Mode allows friends to play against each other, it allows them to choose a song that they both have. when playing, you can see your opponents score and them playing the game.

Sony's EU Playstation Blog have also revealed that a Beta will be held for the Online Battle Mode. Those interested, who are over 18, can head to and fill in a survey for a chance to get into the Beta. those selected will be required to provide feedback on the Online Battle Mode.


From EU Playstation Blog

Press Release

London, 8th April 2010: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is tuning-up SingStar on PlayStation 3 for online action with the announcement of all new Online Battle mode. If you have put a tune over on your family and friends then now is the time to put your voice to the test on the global stage.

Simply download the new update and you are ready to go. Select Play SingStar from the main menu, choose Online Battle, then pick from your PlayStation Network friends, send the invitation, match songs, you both need to own a song to play it, pick-up the mic and in true MC style let battle commence.

In Online Battle Mode you can view your opponent's score live, and see them playing via PlayStation Eye.

SingStar Online Battle mode, complete with PlayStation Eye, brings you and your PlayStation Network friends together. This June put your talents on centre stage and do battle, letting SingStar act as judge and jury.....

The all new Online Battle mode will be available in SingStar's June update downloadable from PlayStation Network.


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