Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • iPhone: a report from Flurry Analytics reports that the iPhone has a 10% share of the portable gaming market in 2009

  • PS3: Folkert Langeveld mentions Little Big Planet 2 when discussing Playstation Move

  • 360: The Xbox 360 Dashboard has said that a standalone 250gb HDD is coming out.

  • Character art for Portal have been revealed. main character has a new look and human esq turrets also shown

  • 360: Microsoft reportedly says Natal needs 4 Meters (13 feet). Japanese City Homes may not have enough room

  • Starbreeze has reportedly canned a game in development with EA. its speculated to be Syndicate thats cancelled.

  • QTE Blog: Nintendo Announce The Nintendo 3DS And That It Is Set For Release Before March 2011

  • PS3: its rumoured that a second Gran Turismo 5 demo is coming. a image has been released showing Nurburgring

  • Wii: Nintendo started work on Super Mario Galaxy 1.5 before realising it was too big. they decided to make SMG 2 instead

  • PSP: Yusuke Naora, art director for Final Fantasy Agito XIII, has reiterated that the game is still in development.

  • iPhone: Apple has enabled people to gift games/apps to each other (as long as they're in the same country)

  • 360: Peter Molyneux has confirmed that Fable III will have episodic content after the game has launched.

  • QTE Blog: Microsoft Announces The Standalone 250 GB HDD Is Out Now For $129.99

  • 3DS: Nintendo have confirmed that the 3DS will be playable at E3

  • 360: the 120 GB HDD's have dropped in price to $99.99 in the USA

  • QTE Blog: Engadget Have Released New GamePlay And Dev Chat Videos For Playstation Move

  • 3DS: James Mielke, Q Entertainment, calls the 3DS "...impossible for anyone other than Nintendo to make money on."

  • Team Bondi have said that the current L.A. Noire script currently stands at 22.000 Pages long.

  • BioWare have launched a countdown clock that ends in 5 days. it also appears on Mass Effect and Dragon Age sites

  • Review scores for Just Cause 2 have gone live. mostly 8/10 with a few perfects

  • Wii: Red Steel 2 review scores are going live. mostly 8/9 out of 10 with a few slightly lower

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