Friday, February 5, 2010

Sega Have Revealed The Boxart For Infinite Space And Released A Fact Sheet For The Game

Sega have revealed what the Current UK boxart for Infinite Space looks like. The Boxart reveals the game has been rated 12.

The fact sheet for the game reveals that the games art style was inspired by Japanese Sci-Fi anime and from the 1980's. The game has over 70 hours of gameplay and over 100 unique characters in the game. The game also has extensive spaceship customisation with over 100 Spaceship blueprints and modules to choose from.

Fact Sheet

Developer: PlatinumGames/ Nude Maker
Platforms: Nintendo DS exclusive
Players: Single Player Campaign, 2 Player Wireless Play
PEGI: 12
Genre: RPG
Ship date: Spring 2010

The talented creators at PlatinumGames and Nude Maker have collaborated once again, this time on Infinite Space™, an elaborate sci-fi RPG with an engaging battle system requiring both speed and strategy. The esteemed team’s first title, Steel Battalion™, was critically claimed and became a sought after collector’s item. Their latest space adventure promises the same high quality and intricate depth in over 70 hours of gameplay. Created exclusively for the Nintendo DS™, the saga immerses players in a dynamic, colorful universe on the verge of war. In the role of young Yuri, players command a fleet of spaceships and battle against tyrannical dictators and deadly space pirates while searching for a mystical epitaph known to have the power to change the world. As the story unfolds, Yuri grows into a man powerful enough to prevent another war and possibly, universal annihilation.


  • Extensive customization: Players create and customize a fleet of up to five spaceships with over 100 spaceship blueprints and over 200 modules to choose from. Changing the crew and spaceship attributes directly affects the impact of the fleet.
  • Unique tactical battle system: Decisions must be made quickly in the dramatic, action-filled battles, or enemies will get the upper hand.
  • Two unique gameplay modes: Players compete wirelessly in 2-player versus mode or travel through the expansive universe on a solo quest.
  • Vast storyline: In this epic journey that spans Yuri’s lifetime from child to adult, players encounter over 100 unique characters in over 70 hours of gameplay.
  • Retro graphics: In a nod to classic Japanese sci-fi anime, the game features spaceships and Japanese anime characters with a 1980s vibe.

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